You can learn the skills to work from home and make money from your travel blog. These 5 tools will help you achieve your blogging goals! Read more here.

5 Things You Need For a Money-Making Travel Blog

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For years I was working a mid-level retail job, while I was desperately longing to enjoy holidays again and work from home. Eventually I became a social media specialist and learned the ways to make this happen.

Now I get to stay home in breathtaking Alaska, work from my favorite cafe if I choose, and make money from home! You too can learn the skills to work from home and make money from your travel blog. Read more below!

Five Essential Tools For A Money-Making Travel Blog

Use WordPress + Siteground for Money-Making Blogs

WordPress is truly the BEST way to create a money-making site. I had originally started my site with Weebly, which I loved as it was very easy to design my site. But when I started looking into affiliate marketing (more on that in a bit) I ran into issues with ads/links randomly disappearing.

I knew that was no way to create reliable income, so I quickly jumped ship and realized WordPress was the ideal way to optimize my content to both provide awesome value to my readers and to make money, honey!

Now, WordPress can be sort of confusing. There are two types of WordPress sites, and they’re different. is the first type, and offers a free plan, along with other options starting at $4 a month. While that seems like a great deal, it doesn’t come with a URL of your choosing. It would be That looks clunky and unattractive, right?

In addition, highly limits your money-making ability, because you can’t use ads on your site. They have ads already loaded and you don’t see any of that return.

Plus, you don’t actually own your site, you’re essentially renting space from them. That means they can shut your site down for any reason, or no reason at all. Wouldn’t that be a horrific waste of your time and efforts?!

Another downside is that you can’t use plugins. Think of plugins as being similar to apps that can be installed on your site to optimize site speed, performance, and search engine optimization, among many other things.

This is HUGE to me, because while you don’t want to use too many plugins (try to keep it under 20), they have such great benefits!

How Do I Get Started With WordPress?

The option you want is This doesn’t mean your site URL will end in a .org instead of a .com; you’ll get to select the ending you want, depending on availability. It just means that you’re selecting a 3rd party to host your site.

To do this, you’ll need to get set up with a hosting platform. I selected SiteGround as their up-time was the greatest, and their service was excellent.

They make it very convenient to select your website URL and packages in one shot. An added benefit is that they don’t charge for security certificates like many other hosts, AND their plans average out to less than $4 a month! Click the image below to check it out!

Use A Great Theme To Show Off Your Content

One nice thing about WordPress is the amount of themes available to pick from. I use Divi from Elegant Themes, as I love the builder. It has a definite learning curve while getting started, but is so adaptable for however you want your site to look.

Elegant Themes offers tons of premade layout packs, training videos, and guides to use their themes to fit your site’s personality.

Social Sharing Made Easy With Social Warfare Pro

Social Warfare Pro has been a HUGE timesaver when it comes to social sharing! It’s so simple to upload the main image you want to be shared across social media to have it look the way you want! You can see how easy it is by sharing this post below!

Education is Key – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course

One day, I was just hanging out on Facebook when I saw a post about Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making Sense of Cents. It was all about how she started a multi-million dollar blog and was regularly bringing in over 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH.

I was floored, and totally inspired! I had NO idea that was even possible with blogging, and that lit a fire within.

I signed up for her course, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing pretty much immediately and was blown away by how much information the course contains.

This course has been instrumental in getting me started with making money!

I honestly had NO idea how many opportunities there were to improve the quality of my posts by linking to the products we recommend and bring in income to support our family.

Michelle is an incredible inspiration and resource. In addition to the training, which is updated FOR FREE as new information is pulled together, the Facebook group is a bonus benefit!

With almost 4 thousand members, there’s always someone willing to help brainstorm affiliate ideas or help with feedback on posts.

Dare To Conquer Course

Learning all about affiliate marketing was hugely beneficial, but I’ll be honest,  it didn’t go very far until I worked on getting my site’s pageviews up. Billionaire Blog Club  was the course I took that covers everything from Search Engine Optimization, Pinterest Strategies, Content Creation, to so much more.

Since I took the course, it’s since been rebranded to Dare To Conquer Empire Builder. There are so many more actionable steps, and the course is an incredible value.

Not to mention the Slack community that comes with it. There are so many incredible business makers in all different niches and stages. Everyone helps each other with feedback, motivation, and ideas. That alone has been amazingly valuable.There is a FREE 12-Day Blog Boot Camp to see if it’s a good fit for you. I highly recommend giving it a shot and getting a jump start on starting your money-making blog. Sign up here!

What’s your favorite blogging tool? Share below!

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