Alaska Summer Packing Essentials For Your Perfect Vacation

Summer is by far the most popular time to visit Alaska. With warm (sometimes even ridiculously hot) temperatures, wildflowers blooming, and wildlife out and about, who can blame visitors for picking the summer months to visit? It’s a magnificent time! If you’re planning a summer vacation in Alaska, you need to know what to pack….

Los Angeles Earthquake safety tips

How To Stay Safe During Earthquakes While Traveling

Earthquakes are terrifying under any circumstance, but they seem especially disorienting if they occur while you’re on vacation. When you’re visiting unfamiliar territory, it’s a lot more unsettling! Read on for helpful earthquake safety tips to keep you safe if an earthquake occurs while you’re traveling. Know The Earthquake Risks If you’re traveling to a…

Awesome Packing Tips & Tricks for Your First Alaska Cruise

Awesome Packing Tips & Tricks for Your First Alaska Cruise

The excitement of finally booking your dream Alaska cruise is the best, isn’t it? Once the cruise is booked comes the planning and packing stage. But how do you know what to pack for Alaska cruise vacations if you haven’t been to Alaska before? After moving to Alaska, I quickly realized it has the craziest…

Alaska Glacier

How To Pack & Plan for A Perfect Alaskan Winter Vacation

Many travelers venture to see Alaska in the height of summer. Who can blame them, with the warm, long days and flowers blooming everywhere! Even though summer is the most popular time to visit, Alaska is a magical place in the winter. The beauty of winter is incomparable, and the days are short, so we…

The Best Hiking Backpacks & Accessories for Fun, Safe Trips

The Best Hiking Backpacks & Accessories for Fun, Safe Trips

Hiking is basically a way of life up here in Alaska. With so many amazing trails, lakes, and mountains, the scenery is absolutely incredible. There’s no better way to see Alaska (or any gorgeous location!) than exploring while taking a nice hike. It’s also vital to be prepared, as the weather can turn suddenly. What…

Palmer, Alaska Things to do

The Best Activities Near Palmer, Alaska

Palmer, Alaska is a beautiful, small town located about an hour north of Anchorage. It’s in the heart of the Matanuska-Susitna valley, which makes it a fertile ground for farming. The small-town charm is incredible and we adore living here. Read on for some of our favorite things to do near Palmer, Alaska! Williams Reindeer Farm My…