The Best Carry-on Luggage That Fits Under Airline Seats

I recently treated myself to a new underseat carry-on bag. I gotta say, it has changed the way I travel! During past trips, I’d use a cute backpack with just enough room for my laptop, blanket, and snacks for onboard the plane. It was SUCH a headache setting it down and rummaging through it to pull … Read more

10 Essential Things You Need To Cruise In Comfort

Planning a cruise vacation? One of the best parts of being onboard a cruise ship is getting to enjoy the vastness of the ocean. That can make finding things you need a little difficult, however! Sure, there are small shops on board and in many ports, but they can be pricey! Read on to help … Read more

The Best Hiking Backpacks & Accessories for Fun, Safe Trips

Hiking is basically a way of life up here in Alaska. With so many amazing trails, lakes, and mountains, the scenery is absolutely incredible. There’s no better way to see Alaska (or any gorgeous location!) than exploring while taking a nice hike. It’s also vital to be prepared, as the weather can turn suddenly. What … Read more